Overseas Chinese in USA Data

Overseas Chinese in USA data

Overseas Chinese in USA Data includes genuine and active contacts for your business. In other words, it has all the information about Chinese people who live in the United States. Thus, it has details about the age, gender, background, and interests of overseas Chinese. Moreover, you will learn population numbers, demographics, and employment statistics. As well as business ownership, preferences, and more. The also helps us see what kinds of jobs Chinese people have. Again, this data is valuable for you if you want to do business here for higher ROI. Above all, our up-to-date directory opens many opportunities for multi-channel marketing. So, buy this to expand your business in your targeted locations. As well as add more value to your business than before.

How Overseas Chinese Contribute to Business in the USA

Overseas Chinese people who live in the USA play a big role in American businesses. Most importantly, they bring their skills, ideas, and investments, helping the economy grow. Thus, some of them start their businesses like restaurants, stores, or tech companies. This creates new job opportunities. It even offers new products and services to people in America. Also, some people invest in existing businesses or partner with American companies. This makes those businesses bigger and gives even more people jobs.

Besides, overseas Chinese also know a lot about how to do business around the world. The reason is they have learned from China’s strong economy. Overall, overseas Chinese make a great difference in American business. They bring new ideas, money, and partners. That helps businesses do well and gives us more chances to succeed.

Here’s Some Information About the Overseas in USA

The Chinese American community is the largest overseas Chinese residents outside Asia. It is also the 3rd-largest community in the Chinese diaspora. Yet, the Chinese population in the U.S. has grown over the years. In 2000, there were around 2 million Chinese Americans. By  2023, this number had increased to around 6 million. Here are the estimated numbers of Chinese Americans from 2000 to 2023:

  • 2000: Approximately 2.02 million.
  • 2010: Around 3.79 million.
  • 2019: Around 5.21 million.
  • 2023: The estimated Chinese American population in 2023 is around 5.8 million.

The numbers are based on population growth trends observed in recent years. In 2000, a notable portion (about 75%) had lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years.

How Our Database Benefits You in Different Sectors

Overseas Chinese in USA Data can help businesses in unique ways. Again, it shows you what people like to buy, and what businesses they run. Yet, this helps businesses decide where to advertise and what products to sell. Moreover, we deliver verified contacts by following GDPR. Also, knowing about Chinese festivals and events can help businesses connect with the community. Overall, this data helps businesses make better decisions and be more successful.

The businessmen are doing various types of business activities in the USA. The main sectors are-

  1. Технологии.
  2. Недвижим имот.
  3. Manufacturing and Trade.
  4. Finance and Investment.
  5. Hospitality and Tourism.
  6. Образованието и обучението.
  7. Entertainment and Media.

In conclusion, you can buy our authentic directory as your business preference. We have all the info that you require for direct marketing. No matter what, you can reach us anytime because our skilled team is available 24/7.

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