VNpay Database

VNpay database

VNpay Database is a user information of the VNpay payment service. These data are suitable for direct marketing and customer acquisition. VNpay is a Vietnamese digital payment platform. It facilitates online transactions and electronic payments. Founded in 2007, it has grown rapidly. Also, VNpay offers services like QR code payments, online banking, and mobile banking solutions. In addition, It partners with numerous banks and businesses. Therefore, users can pay bills, transfer money, and make purchases seamlessly. Hence, VNpay aims to enhance the cashless economy in Vietnam. For that, it is a key player in the country’s fintech industry. So, the VNpay Database will help you find new customers who have good buying capability.

Why VNpay Database is Important for Marketing

VNPay, the leading mobile payment platform, offers a unique gateway to reach millions of engaged consumers. Our exclusive VNPay Database provides you with access to:

  • Hue User Base: VNPay is a fintech company in Vietnam. They power the mobile apps of 22 banks, including major ones like Vietcombank. They also run VNPay-QR, a QR code payment system used by 22 million people and over 150,000 businesses.
  • Targeted demographics: Get insights to pinpoint your ideal customer base within VNPay users. Thus, narrow your campaigns by age, location, income level, and spending habits.
  • Spending habits: Understand consumer behavior and preferences for effective marketing campaigns. Now, see what categories users spend in most, allowing you to tailor your offerings directly to their needs.
  • Real-time purchasing behavior: See what products and services VNPay users like. So, use this to follow trends and improve your products.
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs: Target your marketing to a ready audience. Hence, this cuts wasted ad spend and boosts your return on investment.
  • Enhanced campaign performance: Use anonymized purchase data to tailor your messages and promotions. This increases conversion rates and boosts sales.

How VNpay Database Boosts Your Business

VNpay Database is made for marketing campaigns. Also, you can use this data to send bulk SMS or cold calling. Here, we describe some main marketing factors of our dataset.

  • Увеличете продажбите: Reach VNPay users who make everyday purchases. Therefore, it will increase the chances of converting them into loyal customers.
  • Drive brand awareness: You can target users with personalized messages. Thus, you will build brand recognition and trust among a receptive audience.
  • Refine your marketing strategy: Use valuable data to optimize campaigns. Now, it will help to make a new marketing strategy.
  • Намалени маркетингови разходи: No more wasting money on irrelevant ads. VNPay data ensures your marketing budget reaches the right people.
  • Faster time to market: Clear insights into consumer behavior help you identify opportunities quickly. So, launch targeted campaigns faster than ever before. Therefore, gains a significant advantage in Vietnam’s competitive marketplace.
  • Unlock new customer segments: Discover entirely new customer groups you might have missed. As a result, VNPay data reveals hidden purchasing patterns. So, expand your reach and tap into untapped markets within the massive VNPay user base.

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